New Boots And Panties

By | January 5, 2009

I find Britains attitude towards sex, you are able to buy tabloids with the traditional page 3 girl in them something I have grown up with. You were able to buy top shelf magazines like Playboy, Hustler and Parade in the local newsagents and women were portrayed as sex objects by the likes of Benny Hill every week on television.

Now you cannot display nipples on the front of a men’s magazine (I say men’s but I have bought my fair share of them) instead the nipples have to be substituted with stars or equally non sexual stamps.

Why is this? After all aren’t we supposed to be becoming more sexually aware and less closeted than in the past, encouraging sexual awareness and responsibility. It seems to me that we are taking a step backwards again and it is frightening because we all know what sexual naivety and prohibition can lead to. Not that nipples are the way to sexual enlightenment, but the apparent prudishness this displays is a manifestation of the underlying problem.

And lets not forget that the UK is at the top of teenage pregnancy charts.

I’m not saying that we should have sex taking place on every street corner but for heavens sake lets move with the times. It’s no good trying to change the attitude of the nation by denial. Kids are having sex like it or not! Lets get them educated.

I will give the public health department their dues in running the ad campaign re gonorrhoea and chlamydia but they seem to have forgotten the most important one…AIDS. We need to be telling our children about the possibility of not just infertility which chlamydia can cause but the possibility of death from AIDS.

The reason for my rant was that I noticed that some adult toy manufacturers have adopted the expression of “intimate massagers” when what they really meant to say was vibrator. Are we really so sensitive to our own sexuality that we have to refer to vibes like this?

Is it seen as sleazy if you admit to having a vibrator? Or even worse a “sex toy”.

Lets get real, we all have sex, we enjoy sex, so why deny that it is pleasurable.

One ray of hope which did come out of this was that Boots are now selling the Philips Intimate Massager & Candle. I also noticed that they retail this massager which is not unlike the Hitachi Magic Wand (see above) and furthermore it has attachments…

…there is hope yet. 😉