Sex Toys, Porn And Detox

By | January 5, 2009
I was reading this article today. It didn’t tell me anything that my common sense couldn’t tell me, but it did get me thinking.What I’ve always believed is that detox programs are great, so long as you don’t actually believe that the expensive foods and preparations pushed by certain retailers and manufacturers are anything more than pampering products. If you stop taking the shit into your body and eat as you should do all the time anyway a reasonably healthy body will look after itself.

It’s the sort of Emperor’s New Clothes scenario that I really detest. You know what I mean, the one were everyone shouts about the next new super food, diet or product and without a shred of independently verified evidence a book appears making the author a pile of cash.

Most people who buy the book follow the programme to a greater or lesser extend and because they cut out the crap from their lives they feel better. Others don’t stick to it and either pretend they did and feel great or say, well, it didn’t work for me but then again I didn’t get through the four kilos of shredded turnip each day I should have.

Porns the same in some respects, there’s always some new girl on the cover of a DVD or on a website and there’s always a more “extreme” act being advertised that will really blow your socks off. This isn’t so much the Emperor’s New Clothes as the constant search for something new, perhaps caused by a general desensitising of the porn-viewing public.

What a few producers of erotica and pornography have realised is that that new doesn’t have to mean extreme, or a new face and pussy. It simply requires the application of a little imagination and the application of the right techniques and skills. The thing is you really need some way of finding the gems like this amongst the sea of carbon-copy porn out there.

I sometimes get the feeling that sex toy designers fall into that trap too. “Let’s make it bigger, with more flashy lights on it … oooooh, and what it that bit rotates and morphs into a kangaroo?” No guys, keep it simple and then when you get a sex toy review it’ll be a good one.