All Meat And No Veg? ;)

By | March 9, 2009

Lucy PinderAs you all know if you have been keeping up, Alex and I have been advised by the doctor to use condoms over the past week because they cocked up with my contraceptive pill. Using them hasn’t been as bad as I thought, they used to eradicate internal stimulation for me but the later thinner condoms seem to be much better.

We are working our way through the last of the minty ones and are about half way through the ribbed and bobbly ones, which to be quite honest are a waste of time because you cannot tell they are any different from the normal ones.

However the minty ones are worth trying out if you have never used them. They make you feel all tingly wingly. 😉

Whilst we were out in the supermarket this afternoon I checked out their range and I must say it was pretty abysmal, does nobody have a sense of fun in Sainsburys? If we get chance I may check out Boots the chemists tomorrow. But I have made my mind up no more condoms after tonight.

I want to feel Alex’s skin pressing against me and no faint smell of rubber or lube. It may be a day early but I’m prepared to risk it.

Whilst hunting around the Web I learned something new. Latex condoms contain milk-based casein, which means that vegans cannot wear them. I suppose it wouldn’t occur to me to check, not being a vegan. But interesting all the same.

So, just where does a vegan obtain milk product free condoms?

I believe you may be able to obtain them from Superdrug stores or here. Alternatively you could use one of the polyurethane condoms, Durex Tingle are and just as good as rubber.

If anyone knows of any other sources let me know in the comments and I will add them to this post.