Ball Gagged And Fucked

By | March 9, 2009

There was just three of us in the office today, Bully, Gobshite and myself. Tomgirl was off on holiday just for the day.

As I got sat at my desk and turned the power on to my PC Bully asked me if I had a good weekend. I replied yes and that they are never long enough. And Gobshite asked what I had been up to. I was so close to saying, “Well, I tested a new ball gag whilst Alex fucked me and whooped my ass with a mini whip”. Lol

I really was close to saying just that and then laughing so that they didn’t know if I was joking or not. I’m sure it would have made someone’s jaw drop.

But seriously we did have a great weekend in terms of discovery. We like to try most things and occasionally dabble in some light BDSM. This weekend we tested a ball gag for our reviews and I was taken aback by just how much I enjoyed the experience.

Alex placed the gag around my head and slipped the ball in to my mouth. It had a nice soft silicone ball to bite down on. In fact I was so turned on by wearing my ball gag that Alex complained I was too wet, making the required friction impossible.

He had to wipe his cock and reinsert it in to me. As he fucked me I found myself unable to vocalise in my normal way and at points I began to drool. Strangely enough this all added to the domination experience.

And when he started to tap me firmly on my raised buttocks with the leather whip I almost squirmed with pleasure. Picture this, me on all fours in front of the television which is streaming porn. Ball gag in mouth, naked…being fucked doggy style.

The thwack, thwack…the firm but non-abusive whips on my buttocks.

I came over and over again. I lost count of just how many times. When Alex did finally blast his seed deep inside me he climbed up on to my back he thrust that deep. Guttural animal roars coming from him as he thrust in to me.

In fact I enjoyed the scene so much that I want to revisit it again now!

Catch you later…