Noisy Sex Sessions Can Get You In Trouble

By | April 18, 2009

X GirlNoisy Sex Sessions Can Get You In Trouble

We can all be a little over enthusiastic during the act, I’m as guilty as the next. I am very vocal sometimes when being fucked and have to place my face in to the pillow to stifle my moans. For me it is a natural release that goes along with orgasms and to attempt to be quiet is alien and not at all natural for me. 😉

Alex can be quite an animal when he comes, vocalising his pleasure with roars and growls. I love it! There is something very sexy about a man letting go and releasing that pent up sexuality. I’m feeling horny just thinking about it.

I didn’t realise that your amorous ways could get you in to trouble until I read this piece in the newspapers about a couple from Tyne and Wear who were due to be served an Asbo for their bedroom romps.

Caroline and Steve Cartwright have been found guilty of breaking a noise abatement notice after 25 complaints to the police.

You can read the full story here and then wonder why their room looks like a shit tip. I think I spied an old crushed lager can on the plastic draws by the bed. Lol


And if you thin that these people are unusual, they aren’t the first. See this news article from last year.