Playing Doctors And Nurses

By | April 19, 2009

As accidents go the one that Suze just had preparing dinner is a bit silly but no less painful because of that. She was about to test a carrot to see if it was cooked when it flipped onto her upper chest between her boobs. Being cut into a discoid shape it stuck to her skin, and being straight from the steamer it burnt her.

So I thought I’d rub something onto it later to sooth it. Hehehe.

It struck me that playing doctors and nurses is one of those fundamentally weird things that a lot of us find a turn-on. Medical professionals are in a position of trust so why do we find the thought of sexual play and feigned impropriety so exciting?

It’s because it is so wrong of course. Or at least it would be if the parties weren’t both consenting. If the consent were absent then it would be very different, but as it is a naughty nurse or cheeky doctor administering a therapeutic throat fucking is quite acceptable in the right context.

The next step of course is full-on medical fetish. That is an intriguing sexual predilection because it comes with some of the most frightening accompanying props of any non-vanilla sexual practice. Most are derived from, or are actually real instruments and pieces of equipment used in medicine. This makes it quite an edgy fetish when you step beyond a PVC nurses outfit and a stethoscope. It is possible to do your partner or yourself some serious damage with some of the instruments available.

That isn’t a criticism, just an observation. Indeed it is a manifestation of the broader truth about BDSM, i.e. that those who enjoy the BDSM lifestyle often have a greater care for their partners and trust in each other than some of their vanilla counterparts.

Anyway, I’m off to kiss it all better.