He Wants To Get Inside My Panties

By | April 29, 2009

Jimmy Choo ShoesApart from the chat I had with my old mates Horny and Busty the other day I have to say that work is becoming tedious and stressing me out. I often wonder why I put up with so much shit for such a shit salary. Oh, I know…I have to pay the bills and at the moment that means having a day job as well as working at home in the evening on content for the sites.

Last weeks holiday and the removal of the stress of work made me realise there is more to life than being a slave for someone else. I’m waiting for the day when I can just do this full time and not have to work for some arsehole who believes they are now doing you a favour by employing because of the recession.

OK rant over!

When I asked if I had been missed last week there were sniggers from Tomboy and Gobshite as they both said “someone missed you last week.” In a rather furtive manner.

“And who may that be?”, I enquired innocently.

Giggling they both replied the techie guy from the next office had missed me and that he hadn’t been able to come in and chat me up. In case you didn’t read my post relating to him a few weeks ago here is a visual for you. He looks just like Shrek but isn’t green of course.

“Very funny” I replied…”he’s a married man now”.

“That makes no difference,” Gobshite added.

I didn’t want to qualify their comments but he has been hanging around my desk quite a lot since I got back. He has this nervous tick when he speaks to you of slapping his hand against his outer thigh repeatedly which becomes really annoying after a while.

Oh no, I just had a thought. Maybe all these kinky things he has told me about his ex boss may relate to him. Perhaps he likes a bit of a spanking. 😉 Err, I don’t even want to think about it.