Sexually Charged

By | May 16, 2009

basqueI felt quite good driving in to work this morning, it was Friday and the weight of the week would soon be leaving my shoulders. It’s been a long and hard one with what seemed like an endless stream of shit and no “thank yous”. Yes, that is exactly what it was.

Not only were thoughts rattling round in my head of the impending weekend but I also knew that the Bully was off today which usually lightens the mood of the whole office. Everyone knows that he won’t be constantly checking their progress and chasing them up on things.

Also Gobshite was due to fly off on his holiday and was only coming in to the office for a couple of hours.

Let me tell you a couple of hours were enough. He managed to get my back up moments after entering the office. He was marching around the office handing people jobs to do with such a stern look upon his face.

It was like he had become “Mini Bully” for the morning but with less tact. I put up with him and his bad attitude for about 10 minutes then went to seek refuge with the girls to chill out and moan about him. They think he is a shit head too. Lol

So after the fraught morning the afternoon was quite a contrast. Less tension, quieter and don’t tell anyone…I even played Solitaire on my PC for a while towards the end of the day. I was totally disincentivised to work and staring at my screen to amuse myself my mind drifted off in to it’s default…naughty mode. 😉

I was sitting back in my chair looking at my mobile on charge. The thought passed through my head as I looked at the PACT safety test sticker on the charging plug. “Would they notice if I plugged my Lelo sex toy charger in to my multi-block?”. “Would anyone ask what it was for?”

If not, I may just take it in and keep one of my toys topped up in my car. That would make the my days pass quicker. 😉