Spit Roast And Clit Orgasms

By | May 19, 2009

Spit RoastI was naughty today but keep it to yourselves. I couldn’t be arsed to go in to work and decided to feign illness. Bad of me I know but I just needed a break.

The day was used productively, I made a few new online friends, did a little research and by the time the afternoon came round I was ready for a bit of a me moment.

I wrote a post a few days ago about me sometimes having problems with masturbation, that my clit sometimes didn’t seem as responsive as normal. This created an absence of clitoral orgasms because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t reach that ultimate high.

After teetering on the edge and being so close I could almost feel the electricity building in my body, it was not to be and subsided. The result was a very rubbed up clit and no orgasm. Very frustrating because my clitoral orgasms are fantastic, if you have never had one they take your breath away and make your toes curl. 😉

So today because I was feeling quite relaxed at not having to enter the rat race I decided to slip off to the bedroom and watch some filth. After moving the cat from the bottom of the turned down bedsheets I pulled the curtains too and slipped out of my jeans and t-shirt.

I reached over to Alex’s bedside drawers and retrieved the remote and turned the television and DVD player on. “Hell Is Where The Party Is” was still in the drive and just the thing, fast and furious fucking beautifully filmed. I selected the MFM scene because the guys in it are hot and the blonde is cute.

My panties were soon hitting the floor and I slipped under the sheets. The cute blonde was now being spitroast by two hunks and I felt a slight tingle between my legs. A reminder that I needed some attention too.

My clit vibe was soon out of my bedside draw and nuzzling its way between my eager pussy lips. No lube required, I was slick with my own moisture. I pressed the button and placed the vibe on my clit waiting for neural guidance on placement.

I moved the vibe gently down my swollen clit, unsheathing it slightly and jolted as the vibrator located my sweet spot. A slight side to side action was sufficient to start the neural response and the tingling currently in my feet began to climb up my lower body.

The blonde was being fucked ferociously now and I was almost at my tipping point. The question was, “will I be able to come?” I needn’t have worried moments later I was moaning loudly and twitching on the mattress as I came. My clit became very sensitive and I had to remove the vibrator but it had done its work.

Proof indeed that stress can cause delay in sexual gratification. I’m still smiling now as I write up about my afternoon of naughtiness. 😉

Alex will be home soon, do you think he will guess what I have been up to?