In Bed With Porn Star Alexandra Cat

By | June 5, 2009

Alexandra CatAlexandra Cat is the cover girl for Harmony films latest release “Satan’s Whore”. Her striking looks make her the obvious choice to catch the eye and draw you to the movie. Her performance in the movie is pretty good too.

But who is Alexandra Cat, where is she from and what makes her tick?

Alexandra is originally from Russia, Moscow to be precise. She got into porn for the most practical of reasons. As she explains, “I was working in a boring office job & I saw an ad for models in the Stage newspaper … so I applied, did the shoot which was solo nude. I got paid more in 3 hours than I was making for a whole week’s work. And I thought … hey I’m in the wrong job … & that’s how I got started!”

Since entering the industry Alexandra has worked with Harmony and Pumpkin films amongst others. We asked her about Pumpkin Films and how she found working with possibly the most famous husband and wife double act in UK Porn.

“Shooting for Pumpkin Films was a good experience. Working with Phil was fun (he was directing), but he’s got a weird sense of humour. I didn’t get to meet Cathy while I there, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about her.”

That’s hardly surprising. The whole industry seems to love Cathy and when we’ve met her she was adorable – you can read about one of our experiences with her here

So how was working with Harmony? “Harmony’s shoot was different because I’d met a couple of the team at the casting. So it was easier to get the rest of the crew. They’re a friendly bunch, Gazzman & Big Dave were really cool… Dave’s been a big help & kept in touch … Hi Dave!”

Alexandra sounds like she’s enjoying the industry so far so we asked – What’s been your biggest thrill so far? Was it a specific shoot, performance, or just being part of the industry?

“My biggest thrill so far was being chosen to be the star & covergirl for Harmony Films “Satan’s Whore”… thanks guys!”

Now a biggy, do Alexandra’s family and friends know about her career in porn? “Well it’s not really an issue.” We left it at that …

Moving on, you are openly bisexual are there any girls you have enjoyed working with? “It’s hard to say… but Michelle Thorne was really nice. ;0”

We noticed that Alexandra is natural girl and very nice too. With the
increased pressure to stand out from the rest of the female performers in the industry, so to speak, does Alexandra feel that she would ever consider a boob job? “Thanks for the compliment 🙂 No not really, I think natural boobs are just as popular with fans as enhanced boobs. Also if most models have enhanced boobs, then it just makes the natural models more unique… that’s what I think.”

Alexandra has so many male performers to entertain her but does she still use adult toys and if so which ones are your favourites? “I don’t use toys outside work… I prefer the real thing ;)”

Can you tell us about your most embarrassing moment as an adult performer? “Seeing a rubbish shoot online I did when I was just starting out… I cringe everytime I remember it… & no! I’m not going to say which one it is.” We can report that she’s definitely moved on since then.

Does Alexandra Cat have a favourite shoot? “I’ve enjoyed most of them… but Harmony’s stands out .. probably because I’m the star! ;)” We like that, honesty! LOL

Does Alexandra Cat have any favourite male performers to work with? “They’re all favourites… apart from the ones who aren’t.” Diplomatic, if it wasn’t for her obvious talents in adult we think she’d do well in politics. Hehehe!

If not performers, does she have any favourite directors, there are so many out there? “Adamo Productions, Private – Charlie Mcmonagle a cool guy & very good friend of mine, Gazzman & me … I planning to move into directing, I just co-written my first script for Benson Media which I’ll be shooting in June.” Alexandra you better keep us informed about that we’d love to see how it turns out.

Where’s the most exotic place you’ve done a shoot? “The Seychelles … I just [got back] from there recently & I’ve still got an all-over tan.”

Have you any directors or actors you would like to perform with? “More companies than directors, I’m going to the US this summer & I’d love to work with Tera Patrick, shoot for Jenna Jameson, Vivid & Playboy.”

Have you ever been approached to do girl on girl for the lesbian market? “Not yet, but I’m open to offers.”

Alexandra CtaThat was the good stuff, what about the not so good. Where was the most unpleasant/uncomfortable place you’ve worked? “I did a scene for cheapskate production company (I know … my fault for accepting the job) & they didn’t have any showering facilities, which was pretty yucky!”

What is your routine before you begin a day’s work? “Facial the day before (the kind you have at a beautician, not the other kind 😉 Waxing, choosing my outfits & just getting into the right frame of mind.”

Looking forwards what’s Alexandra Cat’s ultimate goal as an adult model and performer? Beyond what you’re doing now do you aspire to direct, produce, have your own studio? Or do you want to move out of adult one day? “Yes.. I’d like to become a successful director & have my own production company.”

What projects do you have coming up in the near future? “A feature shoot with Benson Media in June, Private in July & trip to America through the agency.”

You can find Alexandra Cat here, on her own website as well as Bluebird, Harmony Films, Paul Raymond & many others