Getting Naked And Naughty Outdoors

By | July 2, 2009

zonI was entering various search phrases in to Google to see what they came back with and stumbled quite by chance on the British Naturism Site. To be precise it was the event they were holding on 25th July.

They are holding a Naked Maze Night in York. I was intrigued to find out more. This story has certainly never made the local news. It is apparently the fourth time they have held this event.

This is no ordinary maze it is created from 1.5 million maize plants, covering 15 Wembly sized football pitches. That’s big! The idea is that you make your way around the maze naked looking for clues.

It sounds like a fun event if you are brave enough to take part. 😉 There is over night caravanning and camping available. Apparently the site must be cleared by 10am the following morning and there is no nudity allowed after 9.30am. I always knew there must be alternative reasons for wanting to spend your holidays in a tin can, now I know. Lol

Take a look around their site. I found some interesting DVD’s on there too. Check out the online shop, there are some enticing titles. Barely Balearic sounds interesting. 😉 I wonder if they manage to get around the censorship laws with these. There could some interesting viewing.