Sex And Ink

By | July 3, 2009

Newspaper GuyJust over a week ago we featured an intriguing interview with Paper Girl about her newspaper fetish, if you missed it you can read it here.

The interview was well received and as a result we were approached by several people who shared the same fetish and felt isolated. We found a guy who shared the same fetish.

His name is Newspaper Carl and he has a fascinating story to tell of his newspaper fetish.

I started off by asking Carl how and when he discovered he had a newspaper fetish?

“I was young maybe about 8 years old when I noticed newspapers around the house, one thing that stuck out was the smell of the newsprint. From the start I didn’t like them near me, or me touching them. I don’t know why but this all changed in my early teens, maybe because I was bullied at school and it was a comfort and enjoyment playing with the newspaper.

I thought I was the only one with this fetish, and sometimes hated myself doing this to myself, I would have periods of time where I would stop playing with newspapers, but this would start again after a month or so. Unbelievably I found someone online a few years back who had the same fetish, which made my feel great about myself again. I wondered to myself are there others are out there. I started up a yahoo group to find people who feel alone with this fetish. We had lots of people on the group in the last few years and it is still growing but all men so far.”

You can get involved with the Yahoo Group here.

I had to ask…do you have any idea why there are more men than women with this fetish?

“No I don’t know why there are more men with this fetish, I thought it was a “man fetish” until I saw your interview with Newspaper Girl, maybe she can tell us. If not can anybody else tell me?”

I was curious to know, do you prefer tabloid or broadsheet?

“It all started as tabloids mainly because that was what was around my parents house at the time, News of the World and Daily Mirror, but in my time I used almost all national newspapers. It was in my teens I started buying broadsheets and still do today, favourites are the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times, this is because they are easier to be wrapped up in, and smell great also.”

So you like to encase yourself in them too…

What exactly is it that turns you on about newspapers?

“Everything about newspapers really. The smell of the newsprint, smoothest of the paper, the taste, the look of the paper, the word “Newspaper” and also seeing women read newspapers a big turn on.

Newspapers have to be fresh unread and smooth, old newspapers don’t work the same way.”

You mentioned you like the papers to be fresh and unread, if you use them do you throw them away?

“Yes, when I do use them I throw them away, They end up not smooth and fresh after I have finished with them.

I can never read newspapers in public, as it turn me on to much, and hate the idea of anybody knowing about it.”

It seemed like an opportune moment to ask, it may sound like a silly question but do you find the papers themselves to be so distracting that you don’t tend to read what is on them, or is that not a problem?

“I can read them but I get turned on by them, and before long I am playing with it. Sometime I would just crave newspapers when there are no papers around and count the minutes until I can rush down to the local newsagents to buy a copy of my favourite newspaper.”

Being nosey as I am, I asked him, do you have a partner with the same fetish?

“No my partner is not into this fetish which makes things difficult, but it would be bad of me to force it on them.”

Newspaper Girl used rolled up papers as a dildo, do you perform sexual acts with them?

“Yes, of course I used them to masturbate. I’ve done all sorts with them I like having my head wrapped in paper as I play and been mummified in them which feels great against the skin.”

And finally is there anything you would like to say to the readers?

“I hope writing this will bring out others with his fetish, I’m happy to chat to anyone who has this fetish and wants to chat more about it.”