Bedroom Naughtiness – What Are You Doing With That Whip

By | August 1, 2009

Vibra WhipWhen we have visitors coming we always do a sweep of our rooms, I have mentioned this before. It is all too easy to miss that vibe and that butt plug on the bookshelf awaiting review. To us sex toys are all part and part of our daily life and you sometimes cannot see the wood for the trees. Lol

Having someone look around the house would now be an impossibility without prior warning. There are storage boxes piled high in one corner of our bedroom. My favourites almost spill out of my bedside drawers. No lie. They have now taken over so much space in my underwear draw that it spontaneously opens from time to time. Fortunately only when we are around.

Can you imagine if we were showing someone around the house and that happened.

Tonight something worse happened. We have our little nephew over to stay with us until tomorrow evening. Both Alex and I felt comfortable about him coming because he isn’t at that nosey kid stage yet and can be trusted not to go snooping.

But we were a little too complacent. I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when he walked in clutching the Vibra Whip we normally keep by the bed. “What’s this he asked”. I squirmed for a moment and then had a Eureka moment…

…”It’s a fly swatter”, I replied. He looked at me for a moment and I thought he was assessing my answer. I tensed waiting for his response and desperately hoping he was satisfied with my answer.

I breathed a sigh of relief as he walked down the hallway and climbed the stairs to return our naughty indulgence.

You can see why my response could be plausible, there are some Vibra Whips in the top left corner. Would you have believed me? 😉