All Change

By | October 2, 2006

Now I know this is a strange subject to discuss with you but I was reminded of it whilst strolling around the blogosphere looking at all you wonderful HNT’s.  Have you every worn your partner’s clothing?

I think Alex was the first one of us to do this.  He did it out of necessity rather than need.  It was when we were first together in our new home and there were more things to do that domestic chores.  You get my drift.  Ok…for the slower amongst you, we were too busy fucking each others brains out.  There, now you made me say it.  And it felt good and so did the fucking.  LOL

We were both at work during the day time and at night there were just too many naughty things to distract us.  One morning Alex got up for work and he couldn’t find a clean pair of boxer’s anywhere.  That’s because I hadn’t found time to do the washing.  Hehehe.

I suggested that he wear a pair of my panties.  He looked at me kind of strange for a moment and then necessity took over and he helped himself to a pair of mine.  I remember it well, they were black lycra and fitted him quite nicely.  No files though.  He had to pop his dinkle out over the top when he went to pee but he thought of me every time he did.  😉

He admitted that he felt naughty and horny all day just thinking about my pussy having been nestled in the crotch right where his ball were.  I know he wasn’t lieing because he screwed the ass of me when he got back from work.  So wearing your partners underwear can have amazing results.  I have worn Alex’s boxer shorts and although they are nice for a change because I normally wear a thong, they don’t have the same effect on me.

Now men’s suits, that’s a different matter all together.  Regular readers will have read about Alex’s fuck suit.  We have a suit specially for fucking in.  He pops his hard dick out of the open flies and I jump on him like whore.  I can’t resist men in suits.  This suit tends to get slightly soiled around the crotch I can’t think where all the white stains come from.  😉  Fortunately it is fully washable.

I’ve always had a weakness for men wearing suits and the film 9 ½ weeks made this even more so.  Ooh…Kim Basinger…I must stop myself there before I go drifting off.  After watching that film I couldn’t resist dressing up in one of Alex’s suits, complete with shirt and tie.  It was a little big for me but Alex said it made me look cute.  I’ll tell you cute could not have been further from the truth.  Wearing that suit made me feel so horny! 

For a joke he once wore my suspender belt and stocking and I decided at that point the panties were ok but it just wasn’t doing it for me in the stockings.  Although I must admit he has got nice long legs…stop it!  I found this link whilst looking around today, it’s slightly specialist and you have to pay

Lycra BoxerWhilst I don’t get turned on looking at guys wearing tights, I think I can understand why wearing nylons is such a turn on.  I personally always wear stockings if I am going out because they are comfortable to wear and they make me feel sexy.  I like the way they cling to you making the legs shimmer and don’t talk to me about lycra panties.  I love them, the way they hug and caress all your intimate places and hide nothing from view.  I know the colour is unusual, I tried to find some black ones, but you can see what I mean.



Whilst researching these, I found these 

I must admit I am a little distracted now.  Where was I?  On cold nights I also like to wear one of Alex’s shirts, they just make you feel so sexy.

So, which items of clothing do you share with your partner?  You know me I’m nosey.