Gangbang Or Spitroast?

By | September 17, 2009

OhBecause I haven’t exactly been on top form these past few days, or should I say for about 10 days now as this bout of flu won’t go I haven’t felt up to doing much. In the daytime although I have been up and about my energy levels and enthusiasm to write have waned.

And so to pass the time I have been doing small things here and there for the sites, interspersed with social networking. I had become removed from interacting with the readers because of the circumstances lately, having to find new work and sponsors and generally keeping things moving.

It has been good to establish links with the readers once more and get some feedback which is always welcome be it from the readers comments on this site or the many private emails I receive.

Things can sometimes become stale and too familiar and it has added a bit of spark once more reminding me that there are thousands of you reading this site daily.

I mentioned emails a moment ago. Well, I received an interesting one today from a reader who wanted to know what my wildest fantasy was. Thoughts drifted in to my head quite rapidly as I pondered the situation, that was before reality kicked in and tempered my choices slightly.

For me an arousing fantasy which I would use when masturbating and still do occasionally is the MFM scenario. Me in the middle suspended in a leather harness completely naked. I have one guy stood behind my head, wanking slowly as I’m fucked by another at the bottom end.

His cock becomes hard and he thrusts it in to my mouth and suck down on his hard flesh, fucking him with my mouth as I bounce back and forth on the other guys hardon. Hmmmmm.

A similar fantasy again involves me being suspended in a leather hammock, guys stood all around me slowly wanking and waiting for their turn to fuck me. I lay there and let each guy in turn fuck me to orgasm, I ride wave after wave of pleasure as each one of them has their way with me.

Now this leaves me with a bit of a problem, do I let them come too or make them wait? I think I may have to mull this around for a while. 😉