Sex In The Airport Terminal

By | October 15, 2009

Air HostessI’ve posted this to publish at around 09:00 on the day we set off to Germany for the Venus exhibition. Should that be Sexpo? I don’t know. However as you read this we should be somewhere over the North Sea heading for the continent.

I though I’d post something up as trying to post something up via wireless in and open airport terminal might be a little troublesome. There’s the speed issue but then again there are other passengers to consider. They may not be too impressed with adult content on public display. LOL

Sex in the airport terminal is not a great idea.

We’re landing in Germany around lunch so by the time we get out of arrivals we’ll be ready for something to eat before heading off into the city in search of the exhibition hall. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find, it’s the one with the 50 metre radio mast on top of it.