Toying Around With Hookers

By | December 1, 2009

Toys R Us and Hooters Sign

There is a belief that accountants are staid and boring people, totally predictable and unexciting. Well, this just shattered that myth.

I’ve just been reading a story in today’s press about an accountant for the chain store Toys R Us, who has managed to embezzle money from his employer to pay for his adult amusement. And we aren’t talking a few hundred quid here, this guy, Mr Paul Hopes (love the name) screwed the company (love that expression too, you’ll know why in a moment) for £3.7 million.

Paul didn’t spend the money on his wife or two children, or even use it to pay off his own mortgage. No, he invested it in having good times with prostitutes. He used it to pay for 5 star hotels, a Bentley for one of the hookers and entertainment and drinks.

Never let anyone tell you that accountants are boring again. 😉