Home Grown Porn

By | December 2, 2009

There can’t be many of us that haven’t recorded ourselves in the throws of passion or at least thought about it. I hold my hand up and admit that there is an Alex & Suze sex tape secreted about our house. In fact I’m not even sure where it is, I’ll have to ask Alex.

The video was taken some years ago, not long after we got together actually and as I recall very amateur in production. Alex stood a tripod mounted camera at the end of the bed and had to keep getting up to check that we were still in shot. Lol

It was all very wooden and staged, there is no way that you can act naturally when you know there is a camera rolling. Vanity takes over and you become very self-aware but it is good fun. I’m not sure that we will be repeating the experience any time soon though.

I was sent down memory lane after reading about a couple who are raising money for their wedding in Cancun by making amateur porn. Lisa brand aged 34 and Tommy Barnes 36, both from Macclesfield have managed to raise £1,300 so far by making three X-rated movies.

They have 4 children and have had to tell friends and family, seems like a lot of trouble for such little money but they are planning on making another four. I suppose it takes all sorts…