On The Second Day Of Christmas…2 Porn Stars

By | December 9, 2009

When the news broke about Tiger Woods (very apt name, grrrr) I was non-plussed about the whole affair.  I’ve never been interested in golf and find the sport to be as someone once put it “a waste of a good walk”.

In fact most of the golfing community I have had the fortune/misfortune to meet have an air of snobbery about them.  Now does the sport breed this or are people with high opinions attracted to play?  Interesting thought.

But as the story began to unravel and then the ever increasing list of people he has had affairs with was printed in the press my interest has been peeked.  How the mighty have fallen.  You could perhaps reason away one indiscretion but this guy makes a habit of cheating on his beautiful wife Elin Nordegren.

The Daily Mail have published an up to date list of his dalliances and as I read I couldn’t help but sing it to the tune The Seven Days Of Christmas.  You can check out the list which includes porn stars Holly Sampson and Joslyn James here