By | December 14, 2009

Apparently it’s the last of the latest epic wildlife documentary series “Life” tonight. It’s a pain because I have been enjoying it immensely. It seems that every time the BBC produce a documentary series like this they push the envelope a little more.

Sadly of course much of what they are now doing is documenting the demise of the environment and the species within it so each species you see has the potential to be extinguished by the changes that are occurring on our planet. I know there’s a lot of debate at the moment about whether oer not climate change is occurring but that is I think a smokescreen. We can all see it in the weather and the fact that more and more species are just disappearing. That’s a fact that the climate change deniers can’t ignore.

Yeah a lot of that is down to deforestation, slash and burn agriculture and the West’s insatiable appetite for that hideously destructive cash crop, palm oil. But it’s all cumulative and corrosive to our world.

Sorry, homily over were off to shag like it’s the end of the world – which it probably is.