Barely Legal – Barely Bothered

By | December 29, 2009

AlexSuzeI’ve been sitting wandering around the Internet wondering what to write when it came to me via some of the music videos I had as background music.

I think we’re all being pulled in two directions by our sexual desires. Well, a lot of men are anyway.

I can remember as a teenager being attracted to girls older than myself. This wasn’t an Oedipus complex but a purely sexual interest in girls who were more developed physically and I suppose mentally. I’ve always been attracted to a shapely woman, with legs rather than cocktail sticks and hips – as opposed to no hips.

Young and innocent is fine on two levels. Young girls are pretty, generally full of life and unscathed by the physical and mental traumas that we all suffer as we pass through life. Unfortunately a 16 year old girl does not have the depth of character or experience in bed that makes an interesting partner. And you only get that depth of character by having those difficult experiences that give you the scores.

Sex at that age is just that, sex. Exploration consists of racking up numbers, not searching out the boundaries of experience and sensation. You only truly appreciate the joy of sex when you have a little experience, some understanding of the possibilities that interaction with other, both inside and outside the bedroom, offers you.

So while I can understand the constant push towards models who are or look 17 years old I can’t really get worked up about them.