Sex And Snow

By | January 6, 2010

Snow may be picturesque but it really takes it out of you. Luckily driving back from work today wasn’t too bad. I was the only person (including my boss) who managed to get in. He actually rang me up to cry-off and say he was turning back to go home this morning. I left early and worked from home so the traffic wasn’t too bad but driving in snow, especially when there’s now 15cm of fresh snow on the ground is tiring. Then when I got back I had to dig my way onto our drive.

Despite being knackered  I recovered enough to get down and dirty with Suze earlier but apart from the physical fatigue the mental tiredness is noticeable. I don’t feel that creative this evening and that’s a pain because I wanted to get a few things done.

Me without a dirty thought in my head? Whatever next. Sleep that’s what, LOL. And tomorrow, as someone once said, is another day.