A Slut In The Office And The Bedroom

By | January 14, 2010

Some people will do anything for a job, or to keep their jobs. And I mean anything.

When you’ve got a few years experience of the workplace under your belt you soon realise that there are a certain group of people who will do anything to get on or secure their tenure within a position. Anything that is except actually do their job properly. Some people seem to have an inability to just get on with their lives and in the workplace and outside seem to spend huge amounts of time trying to manipulate situations and be devious.

There’s no particular reason for this train of thought, except that I’ve been considering how the current recession is going to change everyone’s attitude towards work and how they give themselves the best opportunity to stay in employment.

In an ideal world of course you’d do your job well and then be rewarded because of your contribution to the company but sadly we all know that’s not always the case.

I’ve seen the office and shop floor flirting that goes on. It’s often very good for morale, a bit of banter that makes the work seem less tiresome and speeds the hands of the clock towards five o’clock. Unfortunately it can go too far. I’m talking about sexual harassment here, almost the opposite.

I once worked in an office of nine people, eight plus one manager above us. Two of the staff were women and one was married, with kids, a few years younger than the manger. She developed a relationship with the manager that was far from healthy. Over time friendly jokes developed into smutty humour and innuendo. Conversations turned into intimate conversations in his office with her seated and him taking advantage of the view down her blouse. Trips to outlying office seemed to involve her even though he didn’t need her attendance wasn’t necessary. Did the car journeys take longer than when the rest of use travelled to the same locations.

In all honesty I don’t think anything was going on. She was very comfortably kept by her hardworking husband, her salary was pocket money. He had a large house that an extramarital fling would have put at jeopardy.

What they got out of it was simply. She felt more secure because she knew he was enjoying the attention. He liked to feel he was attractive to younger women and probably fantasised about the possibility of them doing the deed on a business trip. I can imagine it was his favourite wank fantasy.

That sort of behaviour and maybe the use of sexual favours to secure a job could become more common in the future. And now that more women are occupying positions of power it could be the men who take up the role of office sluts.