Novelty Sex

By | January 29, 2010

Last week we had a very interesting meeting with one of the UK’s few sex toy designers.  He was in the area and met up with us to demonstrate at a local adult store how his product worked and we went for a coffee afterwards.

It was a great sharing experience as we all bounced thoughts and ideas off each other.  What you could call an educational evening with extras.  I came away with one of their products which I will be reviewing in the near future.

One interesting point he did make and I must admit it was something which crossed my mind, is why do Americans refer to sex toys as “Novelties”?  They aren’t novelties or adult novelties, they are sex toys!

Is this because some states deny access to sex toys and will not permit sex stores to open in their cities?  Or is someone pretending that they don’t get off using that toy they bought, they bought it just for the fun of it?  Lol

I don’t really know, but over here we believe in telling it like it is and you will not see the word novelty used in any of the sex shops I go to.  And we don’t get served by people dressed in white coats with pens in their top pockets and thick rimmed glasses.  The guys at our local adult store dress smart casual.

Someone please explain what this is all about, enlighten me.