Fashionably Filthy

By | February 1, 2010

When I was younger it was something you didn’t tell anyone.  That is apart from you very best friend, who you could trust with everything, even your life.  And even when you took the brave step of impart this knowledge to them, you still had doubt.

Not that they would reveal your secret, no that was safe with them.  But would they look at you the same any more?  Did you just spoil the special bond you had between you by cleansing yourself of this knowledge to the one person you could believe would always act in your best interests.

What am I talking about?  Bisexuality.  Your girl friend knew that you liked guys, of course you did, most girls do.  But she didn’t expect for one minute that you liked the girls too.

I had a similar experience with a best friend when I was about 11.  She trusted me implicitly when she told me that she was gay.  And further more she fancied me.  I must admit, rather than making me want to back away it made me feel good about myself that she did.

It was never a problem to me and to this day we are still friends and she is happily settled with her long time female partner.  I don’t have a problem with gay or bisexual people, well how could I?  I’m bisexual and proud of it.

What I do have a problem with is the glut of people in the public eye who have now discovered that it’s fashionable to be bisexual.  The latest of which is now Amy Winehouse, she is jumping on the bandwagon too.  All I can say is she is safe with me Blake, I certainly wouldn’t.  Lol

I wonder if her publicist has told her she’s bisexual yet?

Who next?