Sexual Contentment

By | February 2, 2010

I’ve liked Gail Porter since I saw her many years ago presenting on television.  She has a natural softness and beauty which appeals to me.  A lot of women today have the standard look, you know the sort chiselled nose, long face, gaunt, the opposite of facial types that I like.

I seem to be attracted to women who have heart shaped faces for some reason, I think it is because they look more approachable, soft and caring.  Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Gail had several failed relationships which took their toll on her, she suffered from post natal depression and battled with drugs and stress.  The latter was responsible for triggering her alopecia which left her bald.

Most women would shy away from the public eye having lost their hair but Gail continued to appear in the papers without resorting to wearing a wig.  And fortunately for her she looked good bald.

Where is this story going I hear you say?  Well, I just read that she is currently dating Jonny Davies, New Vinyl guitarist who is 14 years her junior and it must be doing her good because her hair has started to grow back.

It just goes to show how important it is to be happy.  I’m happy for her.  🙂