Wildest Fantasies

By | December 1, 2007

AlexSuze.comJust when you think things can’t get any busier here at AlexSuze.com. They do. Work on the two blogs, AlexSuze.com and A-Rouse.com is demanding on our time, but well worth the satisfaction we get from our endeavours.

Like all things in life this also has a down-side. While spending all your spare time trawling the web for adult news stories and reading to spark your imagination for the next erotic fantasy or experiment in the bedroom sounds great, it does pose one problem.

We’re now so open about things that people who aren’t as honeat and frank seem like a different species sometimes. It’s difficult to communicate with them without feeling the sexual agenda bubbling under, waiting to burst forth and turn the conversation towards sex and sexuality at any moment. For the same reasons it is often the case that, as I did today, I find myself looking at people and wondering what there attitudes to sex would be if they were to really open up in conversation.

I’m talking about total strangers here, like the ones I passed in the thronging crowds when we went shopping today. I just can’t help myself wondering what they get up to and perhaps more importantly what they would get up to given the opportunity and a receptive partner. Not all people are lucky enough to have relationships as open and adventurous as ours.

The realisation that I do this and that it’s probably not an entirely usual way to think has certainly given me food for thought.

Before I go we will have an exclusive later on today, I’m not letting on quite what yet, but you’ll see ;). And remember Belong users will get to know first.

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