Missing Pussy

By | March 4, 2010

I have very mixed feelings about pop acts with fluid line-ups. Things change over time and peoples creativity takes them in different directions. It’s impossible to go through an entire musical career without having a spat with another member of the team and these sort of problems are not insurmountable.

But creative personalities are notoriously volatile and prone to clash, the music industry is high pressure and does tend to attract individuals who enjoy the limelight. If you’re in a big group too and perhaps that group is built more to appeal to a specific demographic than from the collective creative vision of the original members and I do start to wonder.

The Sugababes is one such group whose original line up is no longer around but the one in the news again today is the Pussycat Dolls. Decorative though they are they are not breaking new musical ground.

Ashley Roberts and Kimberley Wyatt have just left the band and will no doubt appear in other entertainment projects throughout the media. That might be musical, it might not. Time was when a musician split because of musical differences and went on to work in/create other bands and solo albums. In this case it’s just as likely that the girls will go on to present America’s Next Top … well you fill in the blank, TV at the moment is so amorphous the title could be anything.

Whatever they do, good luck to them, just don’t ask me to take most of the highly polished and generally uninteresting bands around today as musicians. Easy on the eye and exciting to the libido they may be but that’s a different matter altogether …