Sex Swami Sari Shocker

By | March 31, 2010

Titty TwisterI’ve posted up a news item on about an Indian holy man who has withdrawn from public life because a video, purporting to be of him, has appeared on the Internet. In it he is seen in a compromising position with a Tamil actress.

Three things need to be said here.

Firstly it might not even be  the Swami in question, he denies it’s him.

Then there’s the content of the tape. It’s odd, looks a bit staged and not at all natural so if you want to watch it and shout FAKE! Please do so.

Finally, who put the HD video camera in the room to film this “cavorting”?

As with all scandalous tapes you have to ask is it real? Who took it and released it? An most importantly of all, why?

For more info see this article.