Sexing Up The Housework

By | April 6, 2010

Rubber MaidAn American study by Dr Constance Gager of the Montclair State University has come up with a link between cleaning the house and frequency of sex.  She claims “The surprise finding was that for both husbands and wives, more time on housework was linked to more frequent sex”.

The survey was conducted on 6,877 married couples and no matter how old the couples were or how long they had been married allegedly the findings were the same.

I’m not quite sure of the validity of the study and if this university actually exists as it was reported in The Sun who aren’t exactly known for their reliability when it comes to reporting.

I can only conclude on a personal level that people who tend to be active have a tendency not to just roll over in bed and go the sleep.  Which I suppose is common sense when you come to think about it.

Don’t you just wish you were at Montclair State University to be able to get the funding for research like this?  I would never run out of naughty things to study…