Caught With My Pants Down

By | April 19, 2010

PantiesI’ve had a bit of a cold looming for the past few days, least that‘s what I think it is.  I’m sneezing, snotty, have a sore throat on and off and generally feel run down.  Despite feeling like shit all week I’ve stuck rigidly to my routine and going to gym every other day and I think today it all caught up with me.

After finishing mopping the floors I took a cold drink up to the bedroom and decided to have a lie down.  I had been there for a matter of minutes before the head started telling me to make use of my time and watch some porn for review while I was there.  I tell you my head never switches off.

I put a new Viv Thomas DVD in the drive, slipped out of my clothes and lay back pressing the start button.  The neighbours were out so I didn’t worry too much about the volume.

I’m watching the two blondes kissing and fondling and all of a sudden I’m feeling randy and tired but randy won.  The two girls seemed to be genuinely enjoying each other with hands sliding everywhere and tongues battling in mouths.

Before I knew it my toy was coming out of my draw and I brought myself to a very enjoyable and unintentional orgasm.  I placed my glistening toy on top of my bedside drawers and slipped off in to sleep with the DVD still playing.

I didn’t realise just how exhausted I must have been.

The next thing I know is Alex is kissing me on the left cheek, he had returned home from work and there was me watching porn and playing with myself.  Caught in the act!  Lol