Sexual Depravity Inc

By | April 23, 2010

BustIf there ever was a film which screamed sexual depravity it was Caligula. Aiming to shock and with ambitions to be a classic it has notoriety but is more of an oddity or aberration in cinema. It stands out as a lavish production that seems incongruous in its juxtaposition of salacious spectacle with some notable acting talents like O’Toole and Gielgud .

The director Tinto Brass has been taken ill recently so his 3D adult movie project, allegedly a remake of the 1979 Caligula may be on hold for some time. You can read all about it here.

Bridging the gap between mainstream and the erotic is difficult, stretching further to produce a porn movie that matches up to conventional cinema’s standards may be an impossible task. The market for such output is relatively small and this limits budgets. You can’t produce a film to the quality of Avatar with a budget of over £200 million if you’re only selling a few hundreds or tens of thousands of copies on DVD.