More Censored Cleavage

By | April 26, 2010

Alexandra BurkeI seem to have started a bit of a quest here with my objections to the BBC’s One Show’s censorship policies.  Over the last few days I have been beating the drum for tasteful cleavage to be shown on our screens.

If you recall I was annoyed at Louise Minchin being told to cover up last week when she guest hosted the show whilst Christine Bleakley was off on holiday.  Then my objections were further fuelled by the airing of a topless fire eater being screened during prime time viewing over on ITV’s X Factor.

And to keep you updated on the situation.  Tonight X Factor winner of 2009 Alexandra Burke appeared on the show in the skimpiest pink dress complete with low cut neckline.  Lets put it this way I thing she was probably only wearing two items of clothing, if that. I mean panties may have been optional in such a clingy dress

Her unsupported cleavage was laid bare for all to see and Alex and I just turned to look at each other in disbelief wondering if the show had take a chill pill.  She was showing one hell of a lot more than Louise.

But our disbelief didn’t last for long because after the first feature on the show was aired and we returned to the studio Miss Burke was being filmed from rather more conservative angles.  No more close ups of those boobs, instead head and shoulder shots and careful sideways angles.

For heavens sake it’s 2010, you get to see more on a family package holiday abroad.  Lol