Sex The Second Time

By | May 4, 2010

SuzeA lot is talked about the first time you have sex. That is, the first time you have sex and lose your virginity or the first time you have sex with a particular partner. That’s all well and good, the excitement and freshness of the first time is exhilarating. But what about the next time.

Unless your sex life consists of a series of one night stands your second and subsequent experiences of sex with a partner will evolve into a sexual relationship that’s unique to your pairing. Suze and I have been together for a while so I had to think about what our second time was like, where it was and what we got up to.

It was much more relaxed than our first time. The excitement was there but the frantics business of trying to get down to it and the angst of me not wanting to disappoint this beautiful woman had subsided somewhat. I remember what she wore and my delight at finding her sexy underwear beneath her out clothing. I remember thinking how we could start to explore possibilities rather than just getting down to sex and wondering if I could improve on the first time. Luckily things did keep improving the second, third and subsequent times we fucked.

We are both sexual people and open to new ideas about experimentation. This has kept our relationship alive and fun. Oddly although our second time together was good, the carpet burn on Suze’s back, the feel of Suze’s mouth around my cock … the third time was fantastic. To put this into perspective the first time we made love twice. It was great, exciting, fulfilling and the start of our deeply physical relationship to add to our emotional bonds. The second time we were still thrilled to be at the beginning of our exploration of each other’s bodies. Then there was the third time …

Encounter 1 and 2 had both been amazing, bu the third time was when our synchronicity really showed itself. Suze and I seem to be made for each other and the third time we screwed was the first manifestation of this. Suze came so much that she could hardly express how she felt afterwards. It showed that we really understood each other, I knew what she wanted and was happy to keep on giving it because the feedback she while we were making love blended sensuality, insatiability and animal passion all together into an irresistible cocktail.

So, the first time was great but it keeps getting better.