Wet Girls And Dripping Dudes

By | May 12, 2010

Hair SplashWhen I posted the image of the girl in the water the other day it was because I liked the image. I found it appealing on a number of levels, yes sexually but more so artistically.

When you look at an image it can give you so many different things. Like all art imagery initiates different emotional responses in different people. Art and beauty truly are in the eye of the beholder because our own personalities, preferences and preconceptions filter what we experience and give us a unique experience of any image.

I like to think that I have a broad taste and in a way pictures of wet models reflect that. I don’t think there’s any deep and meaningful philosophising to be done here about the elemental nature of water. This is purely about eroticism, fantasy and sex.

I love to see Suze for example when she’s just stepped out of the shower. Beads of moisture on her skin, hair damp and sticking to her shoulders and back. It has an appeal that starts at the idea of running my hands over wet skin and quickly progresses to sucking nipples and sliding my cock between moist thighs.

Even in that simple scenario I see sexual. Total nakedness is not necessary though, and in many cases clothing, concealing but emphasising a body’s curves will make me lick my lips in anticipation.

The old faithful wet T-shirt competition is a corruption of this little fetish of mine. I live to see a woman in wet clothes, with or without underwear underneath. A wet T-shirt competition is fun but all the jiggling about to impress the crown and judges removes the eroticism.

When it comes to clothing that is meant to be wet I prefer a one-piece suite to a bikini but love the clingy wet fabric in either case. Again it’s a matter of emphasising the female form rather than necessarily seeing it immediately in intimate and gynaecological detail.

So any photographer or artist who can capture, sensitively and yet provocatively this sort of image has my vote.