Office Girls Kink

By | January 15, 2008, dominatrixI’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that I hate Monday’s…after all Boomtown Rats made a record about it. It preludes another working week and reminds us all just how short the weekend was. You never seem to fit in enough or get your tasks done by the time the working week starts all over again.

I won’t go too deeply in to how things are at work at the moment except to say that various events and management actions have made the atmosphere tense and demoralised a lot of the staff. I’m not going to bore you all with the details but just giving you an insight in to my daily life…it’s not all a bed of roses. Lol

That said, my colleagues are wonderful and I enjoy working alongside them and when I do up-sticks I will miss them very much. In fact I would love to take Busty with me. 😉 She brightens my day, the kinky cow!

Monday’s are chatty days, we are all so deflated there is no guilt in having lengthy conversations on work time. And I bet you can’t guess what three girls find to talk about.

My other work colleague then came out with, “she caught him wearing his wifes clothes”. Well, my ears pricked up and I was sat there waiting to catch up on the story. Then what happens…what always happens when someone comes out with something interesting (usually rude), the bloody phone rings and I reach to pick it up.

Then just like a comedy sketch, by the time I have hung up the receiver they have moved on to talking about something else. I couldn’t let this one slip so I ask, “what were you saying about that guy?”.

She went on, “he was wearing his wifes clothes and he is a policeman”. “My friend who lives next door to him saw him and do you know his wife is gorgeous”. “Did she call you and ask you to go over?”, I asked. “No, she told me about it after”, she replied.

Then Busty asks “What makes guys do that?”. I was just about to offer my opinion on the subject and had to stop myself, I was beginning to sound as if I was well informed on the subject. Lol Although I couldn’t stop myself from saying that some powerful men enjoy the exchange of power, for example when they visit a dominatrix. They both looked at me for more and I knew it was time to shut up…

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