Sex Texts

By | May 17, 2010

Shaved PussySex and relationships have consequences. Many of them good, some bad. It’s understanding the fact that every encounter you have can have an impact on the rest of your life that will save you embarrassment.

There’s the possibility of finding your life partner, maybe picking up an STI, and certainly increasing your experience of intimate interactions with your chosen partner. Technology also opens up the possibility that the consequences can reach far beyond your immediate friends and family, they may even go global.

Sexting is the new term coined for sending suggestive or explicit texts and email messages of yourself to your lover. It was bad enough when you filmed a sex tape of yourself and your partner and they decided to play it at the pub when you split up. Now the whole world can see images of you if you send it to a lover who passes it on to someone else via mobile phone, photo sharing sites or email.

You are of course more at risk of this if you don’t think before you send. Which is probably what happened to the people in this news article.

Because some of those involved in these debacles are under the age of consent the embarrassment may only be the start of the problems. Charges of paedophilia are not to be taken lightly and whether they should even be applied to a 15 year old sending another 15 year old a picture of themselves is not something that I think has any justification.

Rather than charge people in that sort of case with (as it would be termed in UK law) making obscene images of children, I’d charge them with being fucking stupid. Once that sort of thing is out there in the public domain, it can’t be controlled.

Perhaps all school kids should be told about what happened to Pandora when she opened the box. Except this particular box doesn’t have any hope at the bottom, simply a bitter lesson about who you send naughty pictures of yourself to.