Teenage Sex Controversy

By | May 31, 2010

BoobsSafe sex is something that almost everyone is aware of, but a great many people choose to forget about in the heat of the moment, or because of pressure from others.

Reluctance to wear a condom when appropriate is the single biggest cause of STI infection. It’s difficult to know how to approach this subject with anyone, especially teenagers who are notoriously reluctant to listen to advice and often feel indestructible and of the opinion “It’ll never happen to me”.

So it’s a pity that the UK Government is being criticised about one of it’s campaign which tried a new approach to reaching young people in an effort to spread the word about how a condom is the only way to reduce the risk of getting or passing on an STI, as well as helping to guard against unwanted pregnancies.

The BBC carried this article about the campaign and the apparent “failure” of the £250,000 video download. But I ask you, if kids will not listen to sex ed lessons, advice from their parents, posters and TV campaigns what is the government supposed to do?

Don’t knock them for trying something different. If it didn’t work then so long as the Department of Health learn from it and create a better one next time the campaign wasn’t a failure.

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