He Gets My Juices Flowing

By | February 3, 2008

AlexSuze.com, David BowieAlex and I were out shopping last weekend and decided to check out the DVD’s on offer. I couldn’t find anything which looked appealing and we were just about to leave when we spotted the “Life On Mars” first series boxed set.

When it was first shown in 2005 we didn’t watch it and somehow missed all the rave reviews it apparently received. I bet we were too busy shagging or something. Lol

We took them home and decided to watch the first episode last Saturday and by the end of this week we had watched them all. The series is wonderful, great cast, fantastic characters…I just love Gene Hunt! And all set in the 70’s. A marvellous mix which makes compelling viewing.

This weekend we will be catching up on series two which we bought in time for the return of Gene Hunt in the new follow on series “Ashes To Ashes”. If it’s anything like the first two it will be a hit. I can’t wait to watch, shagging will have to go on the back burner on Thursday when they air the first show.

Of course both series’ have been named after songs by the delicious and exotic Mr David Bowie. He was and still is one of my all time favourite artists, he quite simply transcends the ages. I don’t always understand what he is trying to convey in his songs but I love him just the same. He has extraordinarily good looks too, his different coloured eyes (due to Heterochromia) had me hooked from an early age.

Then of course there is his bisexuality, that always intrigued me and made him even more enigmatic. Even when I was young I found myself sexually attracted to him, I’m not sure what it he’s got but he gets my juices flowing. That’s me, always looking for a challenge and excitement in the bedroom! 😉

I suppose the same can be said for Mr John Barrowman, I haven’t given up on him despite the fact that he is gay…*sigh*.

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