Slippy Cum Cum

By | July 20, 2010

Condom HatI was reading a women’s magazine earlier today and I spotted a piece of sex advice that would be amusing if it wasn’t so dangerous.

To paraphrase:

In this hot weather … why not put your lube in the fridge … the squirt some inside his condom before he puts it on … he’ll love the sensation.

What sensation would that be? The condom slipping off his cock?

I would never advise anyone to lubricate the inside of a condom. Lubricated condoms come from the manufacturer with the right amount of lube on them. Any more and you could have a disaster. Unwanted pregnancies and STIs are the whole reason for wearing a condom having one split during sex is bad enough, it happens from time to time, but encouraging it to move around, or filling the teat with fluid, which could cause it to split especially when you ejaculate?

Silly, silly, silly.

And they didn’t even mentioning to check if the lube was compatible with the condoms you are using.

And these people get paid for to write this sort of thing.