Porn On Facebook

By | August 3, 2010

SlocombeIt never occurred to me just how harmful it could be if one of your friends posted up something inappropriate on your Facebook page.

Most of us are members of one social network or another but did you ever stop to think who you allow to comment on your page.

I just read a story in The Mail about a guy who fell out with a friend who then went on to do something despicable.  He posted up an offensive image of a child and accused the guy of being a paedophile. Perhaps because he perceived that homosexuality might seem a worse slur he added inferences to that effect too, which says a lot about the accuser’s own prejudices.

Despite the image being taken down within 24 hours the damage had already been done, everyone reading the guys page would believe he was a social leper.  And if you take this a little further, he could have been subject to attack by people who recognised him.

It certainly made me think, you can read the full story here.