Pool Sex

By | October 6, 2010

Pool SexAlex and I returned from a very satisfying visit to the shopping mall a couple of weeks ago.  Not often you will hear me saying that.  Lol

Apart from our jaunts to Berlin for the Venus Sexpo last year and again this October we haven’t taken a good holiday in years.  We have had the odd trip and stay over but nothing of any longevity which allowed us to relax and chill out.

Some readers may recall that we visited Salisbury last year for a few days and that I managed to somehow turn my foot whilst walking on the sea front at Bournemouth.  After hobbling around for a day we spent the last day at the hospital having my foot checked out for broken bones.

We intended to just pick up some brochures to take away and consider then go back and book something next weekend.  It didn’t turn out that way, whilst we were in the holiday shop we found the most delightful Tuscan villa with its own private pool.

I wanted to walk away and consider it and possibly check out what the other tour operators had to offer.  Always looking for a bargain!  Alex will tell you I can spot a dress that I really like and still insist on checking out every outfitters before finally going back to the first one I saw.  Lol

This time he put his foot down and insisted that we book it before anyone else did and after a few minutes of persuasion I had to agree that we really couldn’t afford to miss out on it.

So, I’m now sat here contemplating how I’m going to fill my days in the wonderful countryside and just how much fun it would be to indulge in a little bit of pool sex.  I thought it so thoroughly through that I even considered the need for a little silicone lube.  😉