Mucho Masturbation

By | October 10, 2010

HandI posed this question a while ago. Can you wank too much? Sometimes it takes me an age to bring myself off on my clit and other times I’ll only have been playing for a while when I cum.

My clitoral orgasms are totally gripping, they quite literally take my breath away and send me to another place. 😉 So, when I find achieving one elusive it bugs me. I have to try repositioning my toy in an attempt to find my trigger.

It’s rare that I fail to achieve orgasm this way. The only times I can’t is when my head isn’t in the right place and I’m tense.

I do believe that regular clitoral misuse can result in a numbing of the nerve endings. This was confirmed when I took myself off to the bedroom the other afternoon for a bit of self pleasure after several days of abstinence.

The orgasm I achieved was toe curlingly good. 😉 I was so sensitive that it took only moments for me to be trembling with the delights of my orgasm. It was so intense that I felt I was going to pass out.

From now on I am going to have to limit my wanking so that I can feel like that every time. Or, perhaps not, moderation isn’t my thing. Lol