Sexual Desperation

By | October 15, 2010

A Knights TaleI haven’t avidly followed any of the British soaps for years after realising just how many hours you can waste watching, not to mention the slavery of having to tune in at certain times to catch you next instalment.  Pre Sky Plus of course, which now allows you to store up programs for viewing at a later date.

And it’s years since I found it necessary to tune in to Coronation Street.  I barely know any of the characters in it, apart from the ones that have been in it for ever like Gale (hamster) Potter, or is she called something different now?

The soap was revived in my mind when I read about their commemorative 50 years DVD spin off.  I managed to read about the first 50 words of the press release in the Daily Mail before I started to laugh at the thinly spun plot and tenuous links, not to mention the faux sex scenes in the production,  A Knights Tale.

You can read about the dishwater-weak plot here and decide if you dislike anyone enough to give it to them as a present here.