Vibrator Fun In Germany And England

By | October 15, 2010

Shiny AssLast year we visited the Venus Erotic Fair in Berlin. A very pleasant combination of business and pleasure. We were looking for new sex toys to review, new manufacturers to build relationships with and material for our adult sites.

We returned with a suitcase bulging full of sex toys looking forward to a few weeks of blissful adult product reviewing. All went well. Our luggage went through airport security in Germany and when it arrived at the UK. We assume that the guys who man the X-Ray machines can tell the difference between a terrorist device and a vibrator J

However when we collected our case from the carousel, surrounded by other travellers we found ourselves in a rather tricky situation. There was a loud buzzing sound coming from inside. Immediately we knew what it was but were of course unable to do anything about it until the passengers around us had left the hall. Of course as the number of fellow flyers reduced the buzzing became more and more noticeable. Finally as the last traveller left us alone Alex was able to unlock the case, find the offending toy and untwist the cap on the batteries until it stopped buzzing.

We breathed a sigh of relief, trundled the wheeled case out to passport control and then to our waiting taxi driver.

Then the buzzing started again! As the driver lifted the case into the boot of his Mercedes the vibrator could be heard across the carpark in the dead of the night. I froze, Alex tried to think of something to say … and then the driver said “Oh, it must be your alarm clock going off”

Alex blurted out “Er, yes. I’ll sort it out.” The driver got in the car and Alex was finally able to silence the vibe. It transpired that the one which he had deactivated had not been the culprit.  During his fumblings he had disturbed and temporarily turned the offending sex toy … until the suitcase was lifted into the taxi!

Slightly embarrassed but relieved we smiled nervously at each other as the taxi pulled away.

We still don’t know to this day if the driver knew what was causing the buzzing. However Alex thinks it was the driver’s way of defusing the situation with the least embarrassment and that it wasn’t the first time he had encountered an errant vibrator in his client’s luggage.