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Anal Ecstasy

Tonight seemed like a good time to try out our new anal lube. I was a little dry I believe because we didn’t drink much fluid yesterday whilst roaming around the adult show. I think I only went for a pee a couple of times, it’s amazing how so much networking and walking can suck […]

Suze, With A Vibe, With a Twist

Suze has found a fantastic vibrator which she reviews over on Sex Toys Buzz. She’s really raving about this one, it’s from fun factory, one or favourite adult toy makers. “Just the feeling of being entered at this point is arousing me. One by one I take in each ridge. I place the soles of […]

Amazing Anal With Nexus Giro

The Nexus Giro is a prostate stimulator from the same people who brought you (amongst other toys) the Nexus Vibro that I have reviewed previously. Nexus obviously recognise that as with all sex toys, what works and what doesn’t is very specific to each and every one of us. They produce a range of toys […]

Hand Job With Extras – Fukuoku Powerpack

When I first ordered the Fukuoku Power Pack, I thought it looked a bit gimmicky and was half expecting it to be all mouth and no trousers, as we say over here in the UK. But it surprised me and Alex in more ways than one, as I will reveal shortly. So, don’t be so […]

Suze Gives Her Glass Dildo A Workout

Some things are meant to be shared but others are decadent little treats you don’t. The Glass Worxx Diamond Dazzler Dildo is one of those items that I couldn’t resist keeping all to myself. As regular readers of our reviews will know we usually review toys together, even if the toy in question can only […]

Great Balls Of Lust – The Tuyo Vibromasseur

Tuyo is a thing of beauty, so much so that when I opened the beautiful white satin box actual I gasped. Inside nestling on the blanket of black satin was the most wonderful white opalescent ball, banded with dusky pink silicone and chrome. This is truly a toy your friends will covet, and a great […]

Lickety Clit – Tongue Joy Turbo

This is a very innovative in design and concept. I couldn’t wait to give it a trial on Alex’s cock and my clit was begging for it. 😉 The Tongue Joy has a cordless basic unit which houses two 393 watch batteries facilitating wireless pleasure and one speed. Also included is the Turbo battery pack […]

My First Anal With Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac Lube

Tonight seemed like a good time to try out our new lube Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac Lubricant .  This 4fl oz bottle is infused with lots of tiny little balls of vitamin E which burst on contact.  Couldn’t be better a moisturising fuck! I was a little dry I believe because we didn’t drink much fluid […]