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Stuff For Anal Addicts

Right porn pickers, here’s one for all you anal addicts out there. A filthy story for all your depraved minds to enjoy. “My cock had been rock hard since I started to fill her with the plastic phallus and I was ready to fulfil her anal lust so I took one of her hands from […]

The Hottest Sex Shows In Town

A little later than promised but here’s the latest of my kinky stories: “A vigorous session of cunnilingus was followed by a marathon doggy style fuck. The woman then licked her partner avidly for several minutes not neglecting a millimetre of his cock and balls. Finally, she lay on the small round, upholstered podium on […]

Lost Anal Virginity

Here’s a story you might like: “He pressed his cock against me and I tensed up again, my almost virgin asshole protecting itself from penetration. I et myself relax and felt the bulbous end of his cock open my anus. His hands grabbed my waist as he pushed slowly into me, the girth of his […]

Sex In The Clouds And A Cock In Her Mouth

If you like this “His cock glistened with her saliva. Her eyes fixed on it, then her tongue caressed the end. Her hand reached up and encircled the shaft moving up and down its wet length. She stroked him slowly at first but with increasing vigour, causing his balls to rise higher and higher, eventually […]

Fucking Your Sister`s Best Friend

Ever wondered how to screw your sister’s best firned, you know, the one you’ve just noticed is soooo hot … “She resumed her skilful hand job, both of us becoming engrossed in the hard flesh in her hand. Her free hand cupped my balls and stroked them gently while she gradually quickened her pumping of […]

Fun And Sex Today

Reading is fun. Yes it is. Stop just looking at the pictures and find out how much pleasure you can get from a good read. A good smutty, sexy, filthy, thoroughly depraved read of the erotic stories over at KinkyHalo.com. There’s something for everyone and if you don’t find something that presses the right buttons […]

Workplace Fantasy Sex

Sex in the workplace is a common fantasy, that’s probably why it’s so popular: “I kept thrusting until she went limp and was about to release myself inside her when she pushed back against me and twisted round, causing me to withdraw from her. My cock waved in front of me wet from the deepest […]

Pussy Or Ass?

Ah, the temptations of ass sex … “Suddenly he stopped and withdrew his glistening cock from her hot pussy. It gaped slightly, taking a moment or two to close up after his cock had departed. She whimpered and was about to beg him to push the hard member back into her when she felt the […]

Poly Fetish Sex Fantasy

If your into kink, particularly urophilia: “Freya’s pussy was wet inside as wet as out running so heavily with her juices that I was sure she must have come for the first time just from holding on to her pee all afternoon. My cock slipped inside easily soliciting a deep moan from her lips and […]

Girls Getting It On

Oooh! I have a dirty mind. Hence this new story over at Kinky Halo: “Sarah led Gemma to the bedroom where they lay on the bed. They spent what seemed like an age caressing each other, still in their underwear. Gemma was the first to tug at Sarah’s briefs, never having tasted any woman other […]

Popping Poppy’s Pussy

For all of you who like a bit of erotic fiction … “Poppy’s hands moved up to her breast, kneading them, letting Kevin attend to the fiery desire between her legs.  Kevin watched his cock disappear between her lips, the thrill of the encounter enhanced by the sight of his thick, veined member sliding past […]

Well Oiled Erotic Thoughts

Sometimes it’s difficult to write a new piece of erotic fiction. You know what you want to say but there is something stopping you from composing the story. Today was exactly the opposite. I’ve had an idea for a series of stories and already written two of them. Suze hasn’t even read them yet. It’s […]

And Finally Girls Who Know How To Fuck Each Other

The final part of Alex’s three part story is great: “Judith’s other hand rose to Kim’s neck as Kim bent forward to stroke Judith’s swollen slit. The aroma from both their pulsating pussies seemed to surround them. Kim’s fingers hooked inside Judith, sliding in and out until two digits quickly found their mark. Judith clung […]

F-M-F Threesome Party

I do love Alex’s mind. It’s so filthy, the second part of the story he’s publishing over on KinkyHalo is so naughty, read it here if you don’t believe me.

Sex And Thin Ties

In tribute to the 1980s! … A lemon yellow polo shirt, light blue jacket, white trousers, deck shoes and a pair of big rimless sunglasses. Stop laughing, no really you can stop laughing we all dressed like that back then. Well we did if we weren’t into rock. That was later for me, black jeans, […]

Spanked, Wet Girl Story

I don’t usually try a specifically spanko story but I thought I’d give it a go: “I landed a dozen or so carefully measured strokes before I returned to a gentle rubbing of her now sensitised flesh. Then without warning I would start again, administering several series of firm strokes a different number every time […]

She Likes Cock On The Go

Here’s a filthy little sex story for you ” Her fingers circle around my cock and balls, not touching then. Her eyes watch me come to life, enjoying the spectacle. Before I m fully erect she has taken me in her fist and begun to slide the skin slowly back from my glans.” From “Eating […]