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Sex And Social Networking

The newspaper ran a story last year that tried to link Facebook to an increase in the prevalence of syphilis. How? By taking a report by a UK hospital and then extrapolating from it that an increase in the sexually transmitted disease was related to an increase in the use of social networking sites to […]

Turning On A 18 Year Old!

I bet I don’t need to tell you that I’m as sexual here as I am elsewhere on the Internet.  Lol  Being so sexually open and explicit hasn’t always been my form but I’ve become more open and honest over the years I’ve been blogging than I ever was.  I suppose to a degree it […]

Bringing You Off With My Mouth

I seem to have become quite the thing in the social networking world of online wanking.  I tend to do a fair amount of social networking during the day to keep me company as I spend the daytime working from home waiting for Alex to come back. The guys I regularly hang out with are […]

Quick Fucks And Packet Switched Passion

I find myself Twittering quite a lot at the moment. That is a bit of a revelation because it’s crept up on me without me realising how much I was doing it. I started on MySpace and got a bit fed up of the weird interface that seems to have been bolted together out of […]