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You Know It When Things Don’t Seem Right

I was totally amazed when I read the story in The Mail about Melissa Smeaton’s discovery that her boyfriend had been unfaithful.  Apparently, love rat Richard Antony had promised to put an end to his infidelity.  Not  a good start.  Lol Of course you do have to wonder how sincere and genuinely reformed he would […]

Double Pussy Picture

Is this the most incongruous use of a cat in a picture? I have absolutely no idea what the reason behind it is so does anyone have any suggestions?

Pierced Nipples

I just found this pair of pierced nipple clogs.  It would take a brave person to slip these on and take a walk in public.  Lol It’s the first I’ve heard of it but apparently clogs are making a come back and are being promoted by biggies in the world of fashion such as Karl […]