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Canada Here We Come!

Losing my father towards the end of last year awoke something in me.  I decided that I was going to live life to the full. He was taken from me at a relatively young age by today’s standards and didn’t even get time to enjoy his pension and retirement.  I was determined the same thing […]

Too Much Of A Good Thing

I seem to have spent the last 3 weeks eating out with friends, relatives and work acquaintances.  Oh, and the woman from gym whose friend thought I was gay.  Lol You didn’t hear that one.  Ok, because you didn’t see the previous post about it I will recap for you. Working from home means that […]

Fast Cars & Hot Sex

Alex inherited a very nice Mercedes 4 x 4 recently which meant that we had the inconvenience of having 3 cars to provide parking for. This pushed us in to the decision to trade our two old jalopies in against a new vehicle for me, after all my car was now 8 years old.  It […]

Surrounded By Sex Toys In Germany

The eroFame hall was about 80% full with stands purveying their wares.  We ensured that we covered all the exhibition stands by working the hall in a grid pattern, row by row. There were a lot of familiar faces and it was great catching up with old adult industry friends as well as making some […]

eroFame Continued – Rain and Coaches

The coach arrived outside the partner hotel to pick us up and it was raining, very much like the weather we left behind in the UK. It took us to the door of the eroFame venue and we made our way inside the hall.  Unlike the previous year the exhibition was on one level. Unlike […]

Free Porn And Sex In Hotel Rooms

On previous visits to the fair we have stayed in the partner hotel where most of the exhibitors tend to be staying.  This gives you the opportunity to have impromptu chats in the communal areas of the hotel. Unfortunately we missed out this year because we booked later than normal and weren’t staying at the […]

Being Naughty In Germany

It’s almost that time of year again as we make our final arrangements to visit the eroFame show in Hanover, Germany again. eroFame is Europe’s largest B2B event and now in its 3rd year, every year sees the event increasing in size and reach with participants coming from all corners of the globe to show […]

Cum Again

I have always been fortunate enough to be able to come several times in one hot & steamy session.  Or have multiple orgasms as it is more commonly known. For me having sex produces a succession of highs and lows throughout the coupling which sometimes even leads to me squirting and wetting the bed.  Not […]

Zoo Keeper Day The Final Instalment

Following a delicious lunch with the head keeper and Alex I left the cool air conditioned café and entered the steaming hot sunshine outside.  My clothes were now sticking to me underneath my full set of overalls. Why did I have to do this on the hottest day of the year so far?  Lol I […]

Zoo Keeper Day Part Trois

I was taken to the primate kitchen for my next part of my keeper day.  This was a small room to the side of the main primate enclosure. My task here was to stuff hard plastic boys with an array of vegetables including broccoli and carrots to provide the foraging primates with an alternative food […]

Zoo Keeper Day Part Deux

This is the second instalment of what I got up to on my zoo keeper day at Twycross Zoo recently.  A very thoughtful Birthday present which I thoroughly enjoyed and will remember for the rest of my life.  Experiences for me give a lifetime of memories rather than something glittery which will sit on your […]

Sex toys; the past, the present and the future as we see it

A brief history of sex toys The use of sex toys is thought to date back tens of thousands of years, with phallic-shaped stone artefacts being found in ancient caves, and traces of sex toys and pornography scattered throughout our history. For instance, in ancient Greece, 500 years B.C., women were said to have given […]